Who We Are

Since 1995, Nufactor has been providing patients the specialty products and care they deserve, to help solve the acute problems of availability, affordability and safety in chronic care. Our corporate headquarters in Temecula, California, is shared with our parent company, FFF Enterprises, a national distributor of specialty biopharmaceuticals. We also have pharmacies located in Kernersville, North Carolina, and Flower Mound, Texas.

Our dedication to our patients is expressed in our mission statement:

At Nufactor, we are solving the acute problems of availability, affordability and safety in chronic care, through innovation and cooperation in healthcare delivery systems. We are determined to respond to your needs in the most ethical ways possible.

Why We're Different

Nufactor staff include pharmacists, clinical nurse coordinators, clinical nurse educators, client service specialists, insurance and reimbursement specialists to help navigate the complexities of receiving specialty and infusion care in the home. Our insurance specialists work directly with your insurance company to obtain prior authorization for your medications and services. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians provide education and ensure your medications and supplies are delivered on time, every time. Clinical nurse coordinators arrange for nursing care in your home when it is necessary. Our reimbursement specialists do the work of billing your insurance company on your behalf, so you don't have to. Medications and supplies are sent from one of our four pharmacies based in California, New York, North Carolina and Texas.


We've built relationships with qualified, skilled nursing agencies and their nurses across the nation to be able to accommodate patients, no matter where they live. Our Nursing team coordinates with nursing resources local to patients to ensure they have a nurse to accommodate scheduling requests.

Client Services Specialists

Our Client Services Specialist (CSS) team is the best in the industry. As part of our admission process, Nufactor patients are introduced to their dedicated CSS who will be the main point of contact throughout service with us.

Patient and Product Safety

Safety is a critical concern Nufactor shares with you. We have demonstrated our commitment to safety by pioneering a unique lot-tracking and patient-safety notification service called Lot-Track™. We believe Lot-Track's product-tracking and rapid notification abilities are the best response to safety concerns.

Secure Availability

Nothing is more important than secure, dependable access to the products you need. Our parent company, FFF Enterprises, is a nationally recognized leader in the supply management of lifesaving biopharmaceuticals. Backed by the strength of FFF Enterprises, Nufactor will make sure you have the products you need - when you need them.


Nufactor strives to find ways to make medications more affordable. Everyone on our team recognizes cost management benefits patients as well as providers. We investigate manufacturer patient assistance and patient foundation programs and can facilitate enrollment to help offset costs.


Nufactor is a wholly owned subsidiary of FFF Enterprises®. FFF Enterprises serves as the parent company to other brands and programs including RightNow Inventory™ and InCircle Review™.

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