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IG Living is the only magazine dedicated to patients who use immune globulin (IG) products and to their care providers. The magazine’s mission is to support the IG community through education, communication and advocacy. Content focuses on IG treatment options, reimbursement and clinical trials, resources for healthy living, product and manufacturer news and more. To subscribe to IG Living, or to read the current and back issues, visit

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IG Living’s Facebook page is the place to connect with other patients who depend on immune globulin (IG), along with caregivers and family members who are impacted by chronic illness. With a growing number of fans, the page has become a thriving online community where people from all over the world can discuss relevant issues, share thoughts and ideas, and offer support to one another. Become a fan of IG Living’s Facebook page at

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Get connected with a network of writers, patients and patient advocates who offer insight, encouragement and humor to inspire those living with chronic illness. Blog posts include first-person experiences, reader profiles and perspectives on issues impacting the IG community. Visit the blog for the latest hot topics:

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Nufactor’s Facebook page is a great way to connect with us. Follow timely news, events, job postings, presentations, resources and more! Follow us and like our page at

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Nufactor’s Instagram page is the place to connect with us. Follow Nufactor on the road at meetings, conferences and events! Follow our profile page at

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Listen to Episodes of the IG Living Advocate Podcast at

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Immune Globulin news, Keeping you informed of the latest developments in the IG industry and community.

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