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Summertime Fun!
By: Wendie Chadd, Nufactor Director, Customer Service  |  Aug, 2017   | Download Article |

Summertime Fun

School's out for summer! Regardless of where you live, summertime is a great time for people of all ages to increase their outdoor activities. We know through clinical studies that physical activity/exercise strengthens muscles and keeps our joints and whole body healthy. Those studies also apply to people living with a bleeding disorder. Strong, healthy and active bodies allow us to be more active and physically feel better every day.

Growing up in a family affected by bleeding disorders, my parents had taught me the importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle. Now, as an adult with a bleeding disorder, a wife and mother of 2 young adults that live with chronic disease states - our family has always explored different activities that promote wellness and also give us priceless family time. The summer months give more opportunities for evening walks, afternoons at the park, family hikes, bike rides, fishing, swimming, golf or even a neighborhood kick-ball game.

Living in Southern California, Braiden, my 20 year old son that lives with Hemophilia, enjoys being physically active year-round. However, summer definitely has the added pleasure of longer days and warmer nights. For Braiden, the summer months provide more opportunities for hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, surfing and beach volleyball with friends. All while adhering to his HTC prescribed treatment plan and using the necessary safety precautions and gear.

What does your summer have in store for you? We would love to hear from you! Please send your stories or comments to Wendie Chadd, Director, Customer Service at

We wish you and your family an ACTIVE, HEALTHY and FUN FILLED SUMMER AHEAD!!!

**Remember to always follow your treatment plan, use the appropriate safety precautions and consult your HTC or health care provider before starting a new exercise or activity.

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