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Keeping Healthy With Yoga. The Knee Joint
By: Karen Easton, Nufactor Academic Accounts Director |   May, 2016   | Download Article |

A joint is where two bones come together. The femur and tibia, the two longest bones in the body, meet at the knee to create one of the more complicated joints, the knee joint. The synovium and cartilage surround the knee joint to keep it lubricated and flexible. Similar to people with arthritis, joint damage of the knee in people with hemophilia can occur as well. The damage occurs in people with hemophilia when the blood vessels in the synovium bleed into the joint causing stiffness, discomfort and swelling with possible loss of motion. This can occur after an injury or overuse of the knee with weight baring exercises. The blood in the joint affects the cartilage by eroding it and creating bone on bone movement, which is very painful. People with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis also have degenerative cartilage causing knee pain and inflammation.

Yoga works your muscles surrounding the knee, building strength and increasing flexibility which helps to prevent injury. The increased flexibility that yoga provides can make other physical activities safer and less strenuous. The breathing benefits of yoga help with relaxation and stress relief. According to Petra Place, PT, DPT, of the Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas in Austin, "Yoga is an excellent, nonimpact exercise for people with bleeding disorders, with a relaxation component that helps them manage stress."(as cited in McMillen, 2009).

According to Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center, "Several hundred scientific trials have been published on yoga in major medical journals including a recent controlled trial from the Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center group. These studies have shown that yoga is a safe and effective way to increase physical activity that also has important psychological benefits due to its meditative nature. As with other forms of exercise, yoga can increase muscle strength, improve flexibility, enhance respiratory endurance, and promote balance. Yoga is also associated with increased energy and fewer bodily aches and pains. Finally, yoga is associated with increased mental energy as well as positive feelings (such as alertness and enthusiasm), fewer negative feelings (reduced excitability, anxiety, and aggressiveness) and somatic complaints (5, 6). In summary, yoga is associated with a wide range of physical and psychological benefits that may be especially helpful for persons living with a chronic illness (as cited in Monad & Bartlett, 2015).

A good yoga pose for knee health is Chair Pose. Stand with feet and legs together, keeping the weight in the heels. Begin bending the knees as if you were to prepare to sit in a chair. Keep your chest lifted and raise your arms above your head. This pose strengthens the hips, thighs and calves which supports the knee.

If you have injured your knee of have chronic knee pain, a good yoga pose would be Forward Fold. Stand with feet hip distance apart. Keep the weight in the middle of the foot, not on the heel or toes. Start bending over slowly with head relaxed. Be sure not to lock the knees or roll the feet inward or outward. Arms can be crossed or in a comfortable position. Slowly come up, one vertebrae at a time until standing.

If you are interested in yoga, speak with your physician first. In choosing a yoga practice appropriate for you, start with a gentle, beginner practice and be sure you speak with the yoga instructor about what is best and not best to do. Yoga can be an effective, fun practice to keep your joints healthy and flexible, while creating space for relaxation and restoration of the joints and muscles.

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