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Event Recap ~ Camp Valor
Utah Hemophilia Camp 2017 Sponsored by the Utah Hemophilia Foundation
By: Britni Harris, Nufactor Client Services Specialist  |  Feb, 2018   |

Having the opportunity to attend and volunteer at Camp Valor, a hemophilia camp in Utah is something I always look forward to! The annual Utah Hemophilia Foundation Camp Valor invites children 8 - 13 years old affected with a bleeding disorder (or siblings and children 10 - 11 years old whose parents are affected with a bleeding disorder) to attend a 4-day summer camp. Camp Valor provides a safe environment for the campers to be involved in numerous activities and learning experiences. The campers attend daily medical rotations where they are taught more about their bleeding disorders, how to manage and cope with situations they, or their loved ones, may face in their lives. The campers are also offered personal one-on-one time with members of the on-site medical team to encourage self-infusion.

Do you have a dream? A dream to visit the Moon, become a professional Chef or Artist? Do you ever dream about swimming with Dolphins or becoming an Olympian? Maybe you want to be a Video Game Designer or an Engineer? Hopes of caring for animals and being a Veterinarian? The Utah Hemophilia Foundation took dreaming to a whole new level at Hemophilia Camp Valor 2017 making these dreams and more come true! This year, the campers were able to choose their daily schedule and participate in the activities they were most interested in. Campers baked chocolate chip cookies and made homemade ice cream with Chef Wayne in the kitchen while others were "swimming with dolphins" in the pool. Additionally, some campers enjoyed painting van Gough's "Starry Night" in Arts and Crafts while others were playing with llamas, rabbits and goats at the Petting Zoo. The Campers loved the freedom of making their own schedules and creating their own camp experience making their dreams come true!

Camp Valor is an eventful week full of friendship, compassion and adventure. Can't wait for the next one!

 Camp Valor - Britni Harris' Children  Camp Valor - Britni Harris' Children 
Pictured bove: Britni Harris' children enjoying Camp Valor.

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