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Patient Resources

Admissions Documents

Welcome aboard! We are pleased that you and your healthcare provider have selected Nufactor as your specialty pharmacy. We are here to make the onboarding process as simple as possible for you. The following documents are what we need after your provider has submitted a Referral Form.

Nufactor offers specialized Intake Coordinators who will guide you through the easy onboarding process:

  • Once assigned to you, an Intake Coordinator will verify and quote benefits and inform you if there will be any patient responsibility.
  • The Intake Coordinator will review all admission forms and explain which forms require a signature prior to start of care.
  • The Intake Coordinator will explain the different consults that will occur prior to start of care (Nursing and Pharmacy consults).

The Intake Coordinator will be your main onboarding contact and will follow up with you until authorization, orders, admission forms and nursing is confirmed. Your Intake Coordinator will place your first order and formally admit you to Nufactor.