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About Us

Core Values

At Nufactor, we are committed to exceptional customer service, product and patient safety, secure product availability and affordability. Guided by our patient-centered focus, we adhere to these values:


We listen - carefully. Just as important, we act on what we learn from our customers, and innovate to best meet our patients' needs. We complement our customized, hands-on service in your home with a wide range of resources to educate, advocate and support our patients and their needs.

Patient and Product Safety

Safety is a critical concern that Nufactor shares with you. We have demonstrated our commitment to safety by pioneering a unique lot-tracking and patient-safety notification service called Lot-Track™. We believe that Lot-Track’s product-tracking and rapid notification abilities are the best response to safety concerns. Nufactor also supports national initiatives for comprehensive safety communications.

Secure Availability

Nothing is more important than secure, dependable access to the products you need. Our parent company, FFF Enterprises, is a nationally recognized leader in the supply management of lifesaving biopharmaceuticals. Backed by the strength of FFF Enterprises, Nufactor will make sure you have the products you need - when you need them.


Nufactor is constantly looking for new ways to make products more affordable. Everyone on our team recognizes that cost management benefits patients as well as providers.