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Patient Resources

Intake Coordinators make your on-boarding process simple

To contact your Intake Coordinator or learn more about what is needed to become a Nufactor patient, call us at (800) 323-6832.

The Nufactor Intake Coordinator will introduce you to Nufactor and review the intake and on-boarding process with you. They will:

  • Verify and quote benefits and patient responsibility.
  • Review all admission forms and explain which forms require a signature prior to start of care.
  • Explain the different consultations that will occur prior to start of care (Nursing and Pharmacy).

The Intake Coordinator will continue to follow up with you until authorization, orders, admission forms and nursing support is confirmed. The Intake Coordinator will place your first order and admit you as a patient on-service with Nufactor. Once you are a patient, you will be assigned a primary point of contact, your Client Services Specialist, to assist you with your ongoing infusion therapy.

Refer a Nufactor patient

Talk with us today about referring a Nufactor patient. Call us at (800) 323-6832 and we will be more than happy to help you through the process.