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Von Willebrand Coagulation Products

Von Willebrand factor products are used to manage acute bleeding or to prevent excessive bleeding as a treatment for patients with hemophilia A & von Willebrand Disease.

Nufactor carries the following F.D.A.-approved von Willebrand Factor products:

* denotes that Nufactor does not currently carry this product.

FDA-Approved Indication
Von Willebrand Factor
Product: Alphanate®
Manufacturer: Grifols
FDA-Approved Indication: Hemophilia A,
Von Willebrand (not indicated for patients with severe VWD (Type 3) undergoing major surgery.
Product: Humate-P®
Manufacturer: CSL Behring
FDA-Approved Indication: Hemophilia A, von Willebrand
Product: Wilate®
Manufacturer: Octapharma
FDA-Approved Indication: Von Willebrand
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