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Remicade - (Infliximab) Products

REMICADE® (infliximab) belongs to a class of biologic medications known as TNF-blockers. REMICADE binds to TNF-alpha, blocking its action. Excess amounts of TNF-alpha causes the immune system to attack healthy cells in the GI tract, resulting in inflammation.

Nufactor carries REMICADE (Infliximab):

FDA-Approved Indication
Product: REMICADE® (Infliximab)
Manufacturer: Janssen Biotech, Inc.
FDA-Approved Indication: Rheumatoid Arthritis,
Crohn's Disease,
Pediatric Crohn's Disease,
Ankylosing Spondylitis,
Psoriatic Arthritis,
Plaque Psoriasis,
Ulcerative Colitis,
Pediatric Ulcerative Colitis
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