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Infusion Nursing Notes by Nufactor provides education, resources and support to promote successful patient therapy within the infusion nursing community.

This Infusion Nursing Notes blog is published by Nufactor. Since 1999, Nufactor continues to provide specialty products and care for infusion patients in the chronic illnesses community, while addressing the problems of availability, affordability and safety in patient care. Our Infusion Nursing Notes blog brings you timely topics from SCIG / IVIG infusion side effects as well as specialty injectable and infusible therapies for patients with chronic conditions. We provide informational articles on diseases dependent upon these treatments, guides and other resources to managing the safety and health of patients. Our blog is a dedicated resource to connecting infusion nurses with the information and support they need to better care for the patients they serve.

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Managing IVIG-Related Side Effects

Intravenous Immune Globulin (IVIG) infusions are generally well tolerated. Most associated side effects are mild and managed with multiple approaches which may include pre-medication, clinical consultation providing education on what to expect with infusion, ongoing monitoring of infusions, and modifications to the individualized patient infusion protocol if side effects occur… [ Read Latest Post ]

Infusion Supply and Inventory Management

The most important things you will need in the home as a field nurse are proper supplies. If anything is missing, it may delay a start of care (SOC). Nufactor provides the ancillary supplies a nurse needs to complete an infusion except for a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, and thermometer, which the nurse should provide. Upon a SOC, the pharmacy will send a small amount of extra supplies in case extras are needed to complete the infusion without delay… [ Read Latest Post ]

Traveling with Traditional SCIg

Has it occurred to you that a patient might not know that they need to pack a sharps disposal container when traveling and may find themselves scrambling to find a way to dispose of used needles while on vacation? During subcutaneous immunoglobulin (SCIG) visits, education becomes the number one priority on our agenda. We discuss disease states, side effects, expected outcomes, site rotations, storage, emergency situations, etc., with the patient, typically within three visits!… [ Read Latest Post ]

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