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Nursing Notes
By Nufactor

Infusion Nursing Notes By Nufactor

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May 12, 2020
SCIG AdministrationCandy Finley, RN, IgCN

June 9, 2020
PIDDMarianna Herrera, RN, IgCN

July 14, 2020
IG Brand DifferentiationJean McCaslin, RN, IgCN

August 11, 2020
SCIG Admin. for NeurologyCandy Finley, RN, IgCN

September 8, 2020
Open Q&A - IVIGJean McCaslin, RN, IgCN

October 13, 2020
Open Q&A - SCIG Candy Finley, RN, IgCN

November 10, 2020
Open Q&A - InfliximabMarianna Herrera, RN, IgCN

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