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“We are also looking to sign up with Blue Cross/ Blue Shield under the Fed. program since they accept NuFACTOR. I can't tell you how much that recommendation helped us tremendously. WIthout NuFACTOR, we would not have been able to get her meds… It's unfortunate that we have so very little resources, but thank God for the Internet. What can I say, you are definitely heaven sent!"


"NuFACTOR is now part of our family. I didn't say extended family, but family. Since choosing NuFACTOR as our specialty pharmacy, our quality of life has increased. We never have to worry about product delivery, communications or correspondence—even insurance issues (all things that can be quite stressful when dealing with chronic illness). It's as if the NuFACTOR offices are right next door!"


How we found NuFACTOR and how it changed our lives:

In 2002 we attended our first IDF mini-retreat, having never met other people with CVID or patients that use gamma gobulin for immune disorders. It was the eye-opening experience we needed to have. We learned so much, met so many people and continued to stay in contact with many of them.

During the mini-retreat we first learned of Sub-Q; after my constant questioning, a man let us watch as he did his Sub-Q. He was there as a patient, but happened to work for NuFACTOR. We knew Sub-Q could help our son attain goals that up to that point we were not sure he would be able to do. We also knew he would stay healthy longer with more constant medication levels and not the "up down" he was having at the time.

After the IDF retreat, we attempted to get our home healthcare and pharmacy to get on board with Sub-Q delivery, however, they indicated it was not going to happen. We went to another IDF mini-retreat and realized we needed to change our pharmacy if Sub-Q delivery was in his future.

NuFACTOR helped us get the insurance part going and then offered three specialists to come to our home to train our son and our physician on Sub-Q. The rest is history...he has accomplished far more than he ever thought possible. Using Sub-Q he has worked at a Boy Scout camp for several summers. NuFACTOR shipped his medication and supplies directly to a camp!!

Besides being healthier on Sub-Q, our son has been able to take care of himself without a home healthcare nurse. Sub-Q by NuFACTOR has provided significant freedom for him to accomplish a goal that he has planned on his entire life. He is currently serving a two-year  church mission; he was able to demonstrate that he could care for himself on his own and not be a detraction to his missionary efforts. An important aspect of his mission is that NuFACTOR delivers his medication and supplies directly to him wherever he is located. He is rotated to various areas of his mission service area about every 6 weeks... NuFACTOR has never missed a beat, they send what he needs, wherever he happens to be.

As parents we have not worried or given a second thought as to whether shipments will arrive on time. His mission isn't about CVID, it’s about serving others. Our son is living one of his greatest goals and NuFACTOR is right there beside him. Without hesitation, NuFACTOR will follow him wherever he goes. Everyone we have had contact with has been very supportive.

NuFACTOR changed our family in a way we will never forget...when others were telling us NO, they showed us HOW.