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Immune globulin is made from pooled plasma collected from thousands of donors and treated to remove contaminants to ensure product safety and integrity. Containing antibodies against a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses, IVIG is administered intravenously and is used primarily to treat three categories of illnesses: primary immune deficiencies, autoimmune neuromuscular disorders and certain neurological disorders.

NuFACTOR has the distinction of carrying all U.S.-approved immune globulin products:

Product Manufacturer FDA-Approved Indication
Bivigam™ Biotest Pharmaceuticals Corporation CVID
Carimune® NF CSL Behring PIDD, ITP
Flebogamma® DIF 5% Grifols PIDD
Flebogamma® DIF 10% Grifols PIDD
Gammagard S/D Baxter PIDD, CLL, ITP, Kawasaki Disease
Gammagard S/D (IGA<1 MCG/ML) Baxter PIDD, CLL, ITP, Kawasaki Disease
Gammagard Liquid Baxter PIDD
Gammaked™ Kedrion PIDD, CIDP, ITP
Gammaplex® Bio Products Laboratory PIDD
Gamunex®-C Grifols PIDD, ITP, CIDP
Octagam® 5% Octapharma PIDD
Octagam® 10% Octapharma PIDD
Privigen® CSL Behring PIDD, ITP

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