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IG Nursing Notes provides education, resources and support to promote successful IG infusions within the infusion nursing community.

Posted on 22. April 2016

The Role of the Clinical Pharmacist

By Amy Ehlers, BS, PharmD, BCPS, Director of Pharmacy

Historically, the pharmacist’s role in health [More]
Posted on 23. March 2016

Pre-Medications Use, Side Effect Management & Intravenous Immune Globulin

Intravenous immune globulin (IVIG) preparations are safe and effective treatments for a variety of medical conditions. Serious, but uncommon reactions occur, and include thromboembolic events [More]
Posted on 18. December 2015

IVIG Brands

By Michelle Greer, RN, MBA
There are ten different brands of intravenous immune globulin (IVIG) [More]
Posted on 6. November 2015

Who To Call and When: A Guide to Communication With MD and Pharmacist Part 2

In our last blog, we talked about some of the more common side effects and when to communicate with the MD and the pharmacist. For Part 2, let’s talk about some additional side effects as well as signs and symptoms of more severe adverse events associated with immune globulin therapy [More]
Posted on 17. September 2015

Who To Call and When: A Guide to Communication With The MD and Pharmacist Part 1

In the support of our patients in the homecare setting, it is imperative as nurses that we know when to notify the physician and pharmacist for patients receiving immune globulin therapy. [More]
Posted on 20. August 2015

Peripheral IV Access: A Lost Art?

The aim of this discussion is to provide an outline of insertion and securing of the PIV and ongoing management of the PIV device, including infection control in the home healthcare setting and management of common complications [More]
Posted on 6. August 2015

HYQVIA: Part 2

HYQVIA: Part 2 will discuss the administration steps and important aspects of HYQVIA therapy.
The administration and teaching of HYQVIA should be done by a well-trained RN. [More]
Posted on 23. July 2015

HYQVIA: Part 1

Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) diseases are comprised of over 250 chronic disorders that all share the same common, characteristic: a defect in the body’s normal immune function. In most cases, once a diagnosis has been confirmed, a patient is started on life-long replacement therapy called Immune Globulin (IG) therapy. [More]